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For sale on Ebay - UK registration AGO MV (A9 OMV)

Just thaught some of you might be tempted.

-- Mark Magenis (, April 21, 2004


no ta, already have better than that, without screwing with it! I also saw T4 SMV was for sale, which they were punting to look like F4S MV, by adding a little block to the T.

Personally I can't be arsed with making things illegal to make it look like it reads soemthing else, I just have that vision of a copper really doing you, as apparently they come down harder on you for displaying a fake plate, than they would no plate!

-- Phil (, April 21, 2004.

Dear Mr Wood,

Thankyou for your concern.

The legal position on numberplates is actually much simpler than you think.

Unless you display a plate with the correct FONT and SPACING then you are not considered to be displaying ANY numberplate. If you take the time to read the regulations in full then you will find that something in the region of 90% of vehicles are not displaying a numberplate (including some Police Vehicles). The penalties under law are the same if you use a non standard font, undersized spacing or no plate at all.

I have been riding arround with T4SMV for 18 months with no problems whatsoever and have recieved positive comments from a police officer. My understanding is that the use of the correct font is actually what the government are interested in as this makes it possable for automated reading of numbers, whatever the spacing.

I often wonder what it is about personalised numbers that brings out such stron feelings in people who also purport to have no interest in them. There is a saying that, some motorcyclists in particular, expect from others but don't apply to them selves - "LIVE AND LET LIVE." heres another one "EACH TO THEIR OWN".

-- Mark M (, April 22, 2004.

Hmm, such a strange response Mark, have I offended you here or elsewhere before? This and your offline message seem to be very heated for such an inoccuous remark.

You are more than likely correct re how plate laws work. My point was directed more at the attitude of the police on the scene to such things, as opposed to how one would stand in court. Let me explain.

Many coppers are willing to turn a blind eye to a slightly small plate, and indeed odd spacing and slogans that people use to personalise their plate, most of which are illegal, and are indeed things that apply to my plates.

Its how far you go that can cause problems, if really small, or the owner uses extra blocks to make up a word/letter not actually on the plate (as displayed in your auction for T4 SMV) in my experience they tend to take a far harder line, and impose fines etc.

Personally I don't have a problem with personalised plates. I have one on my Brutale (hence my original response). What I have a problem with is people that turn letters and numbers into something they are not. Why? Well for 1 if there is an accident to the owner, or a 3rd party, and the only way to trace the owner is via the plate its not going to be easy, if at all possible.

The second is have you considered that someone out there actually may have F4 SMV as a legitimate plate? If you go through a speed trap too fast and get photographed with your plate reading F4 SMV instead of T4 SMV you won't see the ticket, fine or points. And if the other persons plate is on a MV they will have the devils own job of convincing the authorities its not them. Both are selfish attitudes which I wont condone.

And re your message offline. No-one "rattled my cage" as you put it, you have posted a message on an internet user group, and as such should expect replies both good and bad to what you have written. I have not posted to intentionally antagonise you in anyway, just to post a view on a subject in a free to all notice board. This MV community is too small for such things. I hope if we ever meet up we'll buy each other a coffee if at Boxhill etc or a beer if in a pub.


-- Phil (, April 22, 2004.

I have never condoned doing anything that changes the way a speed camera (or Police Officer) would read a letter or number. What I did suggest is that a square head on a black mounting bolt could be placed next to, but not touching a letter.

It seems to me that you are the one displaying 'problems' with this issue!

Is it very high on that horse?

-- Mark M (, April 22, 2004.

Not really, it being a Shetland Pony and all.

You are obviously taking this all the wrong way, so I'm going to leave it there.

-- Phil (, April 22, 2004.

It is always a novelty to post a personal plate on a machine that motivates you to do so. I hope that none of this is personal to either of you, as we all love the machies so. I never wish to impose problems to others as a result of what I do. I would like to think that one day we will all meet in a pub over there somewhere and have a pint to show fellow support to riders. Riding is a personal thing to al of us and the statement we make with our bikes is consitent with who we are. This is why we do not ride Hondas or the such. It is not really my place to jump in here, so please excuse me if I am out of line. This is just a mutual meeting plasce where we can share opinions and enthusiasm. If nothing else, endulge, share and ride safe.

-- Cali-Kane (, April 23, 2004.

Hey guys, i got MV51ENA on my mv senna, i did get pulled by the police(volvo) once, they fined me 30 for having a small(7"x3") plate, but only comment they both made, was "what kind of bike is this?"...duh, make you wonder if its worth it, dare say the bike police might of had a different view..never mind still got the plate on..........happy MV days to everybody!

-- john b kennedy (, April 23, 2004.

i am lucky enough to have AGO01 MV233 ORO27 OF300 OO001 OO013 OO666 OO001/MV233/OF300 OO001/ORO27/OF300

-- Leif (, May 13, 2004.


Thats a very long number to go on one little bike. How it is arranged, all down one side or round and round in a spirol kind of effect.


-- Mark M (, May 14, 2004.

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