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The Honorable Sam Brownback Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Asia and Pacific Affairs Subcommittee 303 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510

(202) 224-6521


Dear Senator Brownback, As concerned citizens and registered voters, we are very outraged by the massacre of Christian Montagnards in Vietnam’s highlands during the past Easter weekend. We are writing you this letter, asking your support of Bill H.R.1950 in regard to the acceptance of the Millennium Challenge Account, the Peace Corps Expansion, and the Foreign Assistance Act. The killings of unarmed Montagnards during their widespread, peaceful demonstrations in the cordoned highlands are well documented in the Transnational Radical Party’s website. The millennium Challenge Account promoting freedom and democracy introduced by President Bush will alleviate the sufferings of the Montagnards and prevent their future bloodsheds if Bill H.R. 1950 will have been passed by the U.S. Congress. Therefore, we are appealing to your bringing to the U.S. Senate floor for voting. Thank you very for your cordial support.

And God bless you.

Sincerely yours

[sign] [full name] [sign] [full name]

cc: all US Senators and Bush Administration

-- Kẻ Sỉ Bắc Hà (, April 19, 2004


Cai bai nay cua thang KSBH phai sua lai la "Dear Senator Blowjob" thi moi dung tin than ma no dinh truyen dat cho audience. Dau oc da kem nen bai chang co y gi ma Anh ngu thi lai cang nhu cut. Doc qua vai dong la muon buon mua (I feel like vomitting). Me thang KSBH nay la thang mat nhu mat thot, dau nhu cut cho, mom thoi nhu ho xi hai ngan.

-- Tosuthangcha (, April 19, 2004.

Hey! Asshole "-- Tosuthangcha (", Do you think your English is good?. Tell me what's so wrong about that writting? If you cannot come up with anything wrong about that writting, then you're just a dumb-shit.

Vem like you guys are bunch of Shit-heads. "mom thoi nhu ho xi hai ngan." What's it? Your uncle Ho 's resting place?

Shutup, shit-heads.

Ur Mama.

-- Má Mày! (, April 19, 2004.

Dme thang tan quan Nguy nay may doc dong nay xem co sai o dau khong "...Therefore, we are appealing to your bringing to the U.S. Senate floor for voting. Thank you very for your cordial support.". Neu may khong thay sai thi cai trinh do Anh ngu no dich cua tui cho VNCH chung may la qua tam thuong (Dme tui may lan nua). Con dong nay nua doc lai coi ..."[sign] US Senators and Bush Administration". Dme to su thang ngu tao khong can noi toi cach typing thong thuong la phai danh UPPER CASE o nhung cho dau dong hoac LOWER CASE o cho nao vi qua basic. Chi can coi lai may dong chu vua roi xem co sai toe toet khong? A ma ke ra cung phai cai lu VNCH tui may danh tieng Viet con sai be bet thi cu gi cai tieng Anh BOIBAN (Servant's language) cua tui may. Dme dung la di an cut cho Meo ma van khong xong. Vay ma cu ve den VN la vay vo VK VK nay no, VK cai CONCUCAC may thang VNCH DAU HEO.

-- VNCH DAU BUOI NGU DOT (, April 19, 2004.

Aha!!!! Tiếng Anh của mầy ngu như vậy mà cứ sủa! Bởi mày biết con Vẹm mày ngu, nên nào dám viết bài tiếng Anh nào? A miss-typed is normal. Con Vẹm mày vào websites xem người ta misstyped thiếu ǵ, kể cả mấy cái websites của Vẹm chúng mày... Anyways, chúng mày chỉ good at Dmẹ thôi... Bọ chúng bây có cha sinh mẹ đẻ nhưng rất tiếc chỉ có Đảng dạy nên tiếng Việt th́ toàn Dmẹ... Mày về DMá mày xong rồi ra đây (núp trong toà lảnh sự th́ có, chứ dám chường mặt ra đường mà xưng Vem) nói chuyện, (chắc DM/DTía xong rồi?) đồ Vẹm ngu!!! YOU DO A GOOD JOB, VEM. GOOD AT BEATING THE BUSHES AND HIDING YOUR HEAD!

-- 30/04_Thôi (30/04_Thô, April 20, 2004.



We urge that letters of concern be written to the Vietnamese Ambassador to the U.S. with copies to the White House. The address for the Vietnamese Ambassador is:

S. H*. Nguyen Tam Chien Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the U.S.A. 1233 20th Street N.W., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036 Fax: 202.861.0917

The White House can be contacted at:

The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 FAX: 202-456-2461

CHRISTIAN HMONG PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE IN VIETNAM Sung Dung Pao. 42 years old, has wife and six children and is of Nam Nhu Village, Muong Nhe District, Dien Bien District, Lai Chau Province. He was arrested and sentenced in 1995 to 12 years in prison for the charge of “taking advantage of religion to take money from the people”. He was, in fact, an elder of the church with responsibility for looking after modest offerings. He is in Hong Ka Prison in Yen Bai Province.

Mua A Chau. Of Hong Thu Village, Sinh Ho District, Lai Chau Province. He was arrested and imprisoned in 3/2003, convicted and sentenced for 42 months for “resisting a police officer doing his duty”. The court is scheduled to review his sentence on 3/2004. He is held in C-10 Prison. Dien Bien Phu, Lai Chau Province. He has 7 children by his current wife and 7 by a previous wife who died.

Vu Bua Senh (aka Vu Thong Bua). 60 years of age of Hoi Huong Village, Muong Nha District, Dien Bien Dong District, Lai Chau Province. Has 10 children. He is the leading elder of the Hoi Huong church. Along with Mua Say So (see below) he signed petitions seeking redress for the murder of Mua Bua Senh in 2002. He refused orders by public security forces to cease leading Christian worship services in his village. He arrested in 9/2003 and sentenced to 18 months in C-10 Prison, Dien Bien Phu District, Lai Chau Province.

Sung Van Dung (aka as Sung Vang Giong). Of Hoi Dac Village, Pa Ham Commune, Muong Lay District, Lai Chau Province. Married with 5 children. Serving a three-year sentence for “taking advantage of religion to take money from the people”. When arrested he was carrying five copies of Hmong Language booklet entitled “The Life of Christ” and 2 million dong of personal money to buy a water buffalo. Imprisoned in Yen Ha, Phu Yen, Son La Province.

Mua Say So. Of Hoi Huong Village, Muong Nha Commune, Dien Bien Dong District, Lai Chau Province. Married with 5 children. He is the older brother of Mua Bua Senh who died of police beatings in August of 2002. He helped prepare and send at least petitions, first to government officials and eventually to the world, seeking justice in the case of his murdered brother. He was sentenced in 4/2003 to three years in prison for murdering his brother and falsely accusing the police! He is imprisoned in Yen Ha, Phu Yen, Son La Province.

Ma Van Bay. Of Dak Ru Village, Tho Son Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc Province and originally of Bac Quang District in Ha Giang Province. He is a prominent Christian leader who had to flee from the Northwest provinces to the Central Highlands. Police came from Ha Giang Province to Binh Phuoc province and extradited him back to Ha Giang in 11/2003 where he remains imprisoned without trial.

Vang Chin Sang Vang My Ly Ly Xin Quang Ly Chin Sang These four along with a fifth unnamed person were arrested in November and December 2003 in their home district of Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang Province for “disturbing public order”. It is expected that they will soon be tried in the local peoples’ court. In an elaborate “Accusation” document, evidence is presented that they met weekly with 50 to 60 people for six consecutive weeks. This document, dated 2/1/2004 states that the file contains another 322 pages of “evidence”. In fact, it appears these persons were arrested for meeting for Christian worship. They have written a petition appealing that Vietnam’s constitutional provision of religious freedom be respected in their cases

-- ENVON! (, April 20, 2004.

may con vem, thieu co 1 chu tieng anh ma chung may sua ong ong nhu con di gia cs bi may thang Tau cong choi quit tien

-- NGUYEN TAT TRUNG (, April 20, 2004.

Communist Party suffers its second death

By Steven Lee Myers in Moscow

Russians have voted convincingly in parliamentary elections for a party loyal to President Vladimir Putin, expanding his already dominant political control in the first electoral test of his leadership since he assumed the presidency nearly four years ago.

With 90 percent of the ballots counted by early yesterday, United Russia, an alliance of politicians, ministers and businessmen united less by ideology than by their support of Mr Putin, had collected 36.8 per cent of the vote - more than double any other party.

The Communist Party, which had won the largest bloc of seats in the two previous parliamentary elections, faded badly after a bruising campaign that reflected internal divisions and challenges from breakaway parties.

The results showed the party receiving slightly less than 13 per cent of votes, compared with 24 per cent four years ago.

Although only about half the country's eligible voters cast ballots and the exact composition of the Duma, the Russian parliament's lower chamber, might not be known for several days, the results handed Mr Putin a strong mandate. Half the Duma's 450 seats are apportioned based on the vote for each party that receives more than 5 per cent of the total. The other seats are determined in individual districts.

Depending on the success of a handful of smaller parties and the results in the individual districts, the Kremlin could control a two- thirds majority, according to some projections.

The Communist Party, led by Gennady Zhuganov, appeared to be in a close race for a distant second place with the Liberal Democratic Party, led by the xenophobe and nationalist, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Motherland, a new party created only months before the election, was projected to win 9 per cent of the vote in one of the election's biggest surprises. The party appeared to drain support from the Communist Party with nationalistic appeals.

Mr Putin is seeking a solid majority in Parliament to build on the economic changes and anti-corruption drive that have won his administration respect among Western investors.

A convincing victory by United Russia, whose main platform is total support of the President, would also strengthen the likelihood of Mr Putin's re-election to a second term in next March's presidential vote.

Some Russians fear Mr Putin will use his authority to chip away at the democratic freedoms won after the fall of communism in 1991.

Mr Putin's moves to curtail press freedom cast a cloud over a campaign in which state-run broadcast media displayed a clear bias in favour of United Russia. Official media barely touched on the bloody standoff in Chechnya or the protest over the Kremlin's apparently politically motivated prosecution of the tycoon, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Mr Zyuganov, whose Communist Party was lambasted on Russia's major television networks, condemned the election. "This is a shameful farce, which has nothing in common with the country's interests," he said.

"You are all participants here in a revolting spectacle, which for some reason is called an election."

The New York Times; The Boston Globe; Reuters


Percentage of votes counted: 90.60%

· United Russia 36.8%

· Communist Party 12.7%

· Liberal Democratic Party 11.8%

· Motherland (Rodina) 9.0%

· Yabloko 4.3%

· Agrarian Party 3.9%

· Union Of Right-Wing Forces 3.8%

-- (, April 20, 2004.

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