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INSERCA S.A. DE C.V. Calle Circunvalación #304 Col. San Benito San Salvador, El Salvador, América Central Teléfono/Fax (503) 208-3608, 208-3609 E-mail:

San Salvador, April 16, 2004

Mr. Present I sending you a cordial and respectful greeting, I wish successes in your multiple and delicate functions. My name is Martin Serpas Himede, I am from El Salvador, Central America, cultivation but or less 3,000 quintals of green coffee, of the best areas and property of my country, Juayua, to a height 1,500.00 meters at the level of the sea, certified as quality GOURMET, for the Salvadoran Town council of the Coffee, responsible entity of to evaluate and to certify my country.

One of several El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition winners purchased by Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters. From trees of the heirloom bourbon variety of Coffee Arabica. Intelligentsia is a leading, excellent coffee, and a commitment to quality. With the objective of to give him an added value and to share with all you the good quality of the coffee, we are processing it to "coffee had toasted, milled and packed", completing all the parameters and international requirements of control of quality.

At the same time, we offer him our services, in being representative of their Company (BROKERS COFFEE), in coordinating and purchase green coffee, in El Salvador and Center America. The main objective of this note is to explain to you that who are that know each other sincerely, and to request them at the same time that if they can collaborate me in marketing our product, we are not an International and/or grateful Company, we are beginning to intrude in the commercialization, and guaranteeing them that the product that we offer them is of good quality.


Martin Serpas General Manager They have a friend but in El Salvador (It offers of Business of El Salvador Excuse my English writing, it is by means of a computer program

-- Martin Serpas (, April 16, 2004


Please sir Hey! I'm very very intested to become the legal representative of your company so, I will expose my willingness to sell your products; in our HUGE NETWORK DON'T WORRY FOR THE QUANTITY THE MOST IMPORTANT IT's the good quality and prices of products. In hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Besst Regards! Bruno ntamack.

-- ntamack bruno (, May 10, 2004.

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