I need a used espresso cart

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I am in need of an espresso cart. If you have one for sale, please email me ASAP.

My email is normscoffee@hotmail.com



-- George J. Wendt (normscoffee@hotmail.com), April 16, 2004


I purchased the equipment new 1 year ago and it has experienced modest use. CMC Espresso. 627-BC 6' espresso cart includes: complete water system and 50a 220v electrical system, 6.5 cu ft refrigerator, 2/ 5 gallon H2O tanks, large hand sink, Filter system with H2o softener, 22" folding side wings, molded acrylic sneeze guard, waterproof interior panels, impact resistant corner trim, 8 cu ft of locking dry storage, Front condiment wing, 11 electrical outlets with 1 50 amp outlet for cart.

Rachillio Epoca 220V Automatic 2 group Espresso Machine

Would also include: RR45 Rossi Espresso Grinder, Bunn Automatic Airpot Brewer, Bunn 2 shoot coffee grinder, 7 airpots, 4 shot pitchers, 2 32oz and 2 16oz milk steaming pitchers..

Other misc coffee shop supplies, scales, glass coffee bins, milk pitchers, microwave, white boards, disply stands, cups, lids, trays, bags...

Can see Cart at cmcespresso.com.

Asking $12,000 for whole package For Just the Cart asking $8,000

Would be willing to sell cart and Esp machine seperately Equipment located in North Carolina

Beth Kurtz 919-304-4367 336-260-2338 coffeelady@mebtel.net

I would be glad to send you additional specifications or pics if you are interested.

Beth Kurtz 919-304-4367 (Shop) 336-260-2338 (Cell)

-- Beth Kurtz (coffeelady@mebtel.net), June 04, 2004

-- Beth Kurtz (coffeelady@mebtel.net), June 10, 2004.

It's funny when people go buying "used", it's basically like saying, I want a "cheap" what ever. If you are going through a custom espresso outfit, they can scale things back, or ahead depending upon your needs. I could build a cheap, melamine, constructed cart that would hold the same electrical and plumbing as the rest, yet without the features for alot less then any decent used model. This allows you to get your feet wet, hopefully make a profit and buy high end new cart.

My site is espresso- outfitters.com in case you wanted to see waht I mean by high end, you'll also of course notice the pricing is great as well. Use the sites email, sales@espresso-outfitters.com, not the yahoo one if you want to write back to me.

-- Brian (espressooutfitters@yahoo.com), August 13, 2004.

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