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The mind is numb as I write. The one called Laswell does a lot of good work in music. Holy Christ some of the stuff the guy pulls together is out of this world! Much better than the horseshit that gets hyped by the shitheads who hype it! Most of the horseshit I have flashed in front of my face when viewing televised images is so fucking bad I can't beleive the cons behind it don't realize it! Playing shitheads for what they are (is what it's about) and making a fat dollar from the exploitation of ignorance! The recordings Laswell pulls together involving people who believe in what they are doing sky rockets about all of that garbage! What pisses me off is the delusional belief that if it's mainsteam it must be good and must mean talent recognized! Horseshit! If it's mainsteam it more often than not has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with a form of mind control and keeping people so dawg shit stupid that I actually felt a tear welling up for a micro flash that soon dissolved into a thought with numbness in head remaining!

-- Curious Mutation (CuriousMutation@yahoo.com), April 16, 2004

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