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Hello everyone. I am getting ready to start making some enhancements to my bike and I need some advice. As far as chips go, who has the best? What about pipes, who is the best there? Is it advisable to go with stock pipes after you install a chip or will the pipes negate the improvements of the chip? Any help from those with experience in this will be greatly appreciated.

-- David Galleo (, April 16, 2004


Would you like fries with that? just kidding, David. I'm going to try and give an honest answer, but i think you are going to get opinions that are as varied as opinions on women's tits. Anyway, what would be ideal is dyno charts showing gains from each setup: Silmoto, Blueflame, Ferracci, Casoli's open pipes, and MV's own RG3's. All with and without the SPR header. That said, I would reccomend that you go with whatever pipes look the best in your opinion, and if you have the cash, be sure to buy the spr header. As for a chip, the WCT seems to be the hot ticket right now. Get it at

Hope this helps, bud.

-- b. (, April 17, 2004.

I have to dig out the actual papers, but at my 600 mile tune up, Fast by Ferracci dynoed (spelling) my bike at i believe...132.3.i have to check for the exact .? but it was 132.x. ANyway, that was with the RG3's and chip...just for a guideline.


-- Bullwieney (, April 19, 2004.

David: I recently went through the same decision-making process regarding pipes and chips. After extensive research I concluded the following: The performance differences from different pipe/chip setups are relatively minimal. Yes, it might matter on the track, but definately not for everyday riding. That being said, I picked pipes/chip (Casoli) that looked and sounded the best to me. I am extremely satisfied with my Casoli set-up (full system with chip) and would recommend it to anyone. I am sure, however, that other pipes are equally as satisfying if you like the sound/looks.


-- Dave (, April 21, 2004.

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