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hello i bought one of ferracci's computer chips and the bike seems to shut off every time i come to a stop,works great with the original chip.I called them up and they gave me a simple anser SOORY WE CANT HELP YOU. i dumped a lot of my money at ferracci's for parts after an accident and they won't even exchange it.I also bought hi carbon exhoust and one clamp broke after two months they wanted another 1000.00 for new exhoust because they won't sell just the clamp. so becarful what you buy at fast by ferracci.

-- hk (, April 14, 2004


Sorry to hear about your experience! Another bad thing is this is the closest dealer that specializes on MV coming from Washington, DC. Such luck! With your comment, I am reluctant to go there for repairs, but then again, where else can I go, eh? .Catch 22.

-- Jon-Jon (, April 14, 2004.

give MOTOFIXX a call they are in CT.

-- hk (mvhk@verizon .net), April 14, 2004.

You need to check the fuel mixture if it dies at the stoplights.

The FBF chip is not the best anyway. Get a WCT chip. You will get better power down low and throttle response.

-- Martin (, April 14, 2004.

Hey folks, ive got a senna wirh the rg3 pipes & chip on it, & it still does at the lights after the garage had 2 goes at setting up the co's, where can i get a wct chip from & how much? cheers john Scotland

-- john b kennedy (, April 15, 2004.

my bike was really bad after mounting the rg3 silencers and chip even after being back twice to adjust the CO (this only helps in the lower rpm region) then I got a power commander and got the bike properly set up at a dyno shop and now it is much better, I got a little more power but the throttle respons is really crisp now it is not cheap but it works

-- Jacob (, April 15, 2004.


The WCT chip is $265 at It is very easy to install yourself.

-- martin (, April 16, 2004.

ok, how about fitting a WCT chip & a power commander to my senna with the rg3 pipes, will this make it "really go" ?? Your views please before i spend, i dont want to have to dust done the old duke, but i really miss the bottom end grunt! Do i have to get the the WCT chip from the states Martin, or is there a dealer in the UK? thanks john scotland

-- john b kennedy (, April 16, 2004.

The point of creating a 'chip' or custom 'map' for a bike is to optimize for all of the variables associated with that bike. The same goes for a Dynojet 'map'. Piggy-backing one on the other is what the power-commander does. It's a good tool to adjust the fuel properly, but it can't adjust the timing. The only reason the WCT chip works better than stock is that the stock mapping is so horrible. Partly because the 'factory' has to meet emmisions standards and partly because the biggest variable is fuel pressure. The WCT chip was developed on a 2000 f4. I found out that the WOT injector time is at 100% duty cycle around 11,000 RPM, on the bike I mapped. The 100% duty cycle thing can cause problems with Power-Commanders. The PC counts injector pulses to determine RPM. If the injector doesn't shut off, the PC can't count and it feels like a rev limiter. This happens on Buells with the 'race' ECU, where the WOT fuel time is close to 100%. I also mapped a 900 kitted bike for Superbike Racing (that's a whole topic in itself) and fitted larger injectors. I tried to tell Casoli that the 900s needed injector/mapping help (they've sold something like 7 of those kits) but they weren't interested 'cause they sell their own chip (which, not surprisingly, works poorly!) The point is, if a bike makes more power than a 2000 for any reason other than lighening it's internal components (which will make/indicate more power on an inertia dyno) the injectors need to be up-sized and a new map needs to be created. I would much rather find out what the newer models need, than continue to sell the WCT chip.

-- Doug Lofgren (, April 18, 2004.

I bought my bike at motofixx. I had them install the RG3's and the chip...I get it home (PA) and go to ride my new joy...same thing...stalls ALL the time...I called FBF, they said right away, probably the wrong chip...Sure enough, at the 600 tune up, they replaced the chip Motofixx Installed, and worked fine. Cost me another 100 bucks! (i figured motofixx would tell me tough shit, so i didn't even want to hear it..never called).'s possible you have the wrong chip...


-- Bullwieney (, April 19, 2004.

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