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Hi, I remember that malayamarutham has something to do with a hill and rain. can somebody please tell me if the name has any rela meaning and if so, what that might be? Thanks

-- S Raghavan (, April 14, 2004


The word malayamarutham consists of two words i,e malaya and marutham. The meaning of marutham means cool breeze with nice fragrance that comes over from the malaya (name of hill).If you feel the experience of a cool breeze with nice fragrance you will feel more happy comfort and enjoyment( It is not explainable and it cannot be expressed in words.) In a such manner, if you listen to the raaga malayamarutham the same experience you feel.

The film song which is composed in telugu (cinema-uyyala jampala) the song is "KONDAGALI VEECHINDI GUNDE OOSU LADINDI" IS THE BEST EXAMPLE of this raaga. In classical "manasa etulorthune" of thyagaraja swami garu is also an example.


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