What is high mileage?

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I am looking at an F4 that has been well taken care of, but it has 9500 miles on it. I am used to Japanese bikes, so my question is what is high mileage for an MV? If anyone coule write me back @ motoitalia@yahoo.com with any infor I would greatly apreciate it.

-- Marcus (motoitalia2001@yahoo.com), April 13, 2004


Greetings Marcus,

My 2000 model F4 had some minor problems early in life with a water pump leak along with a recall on the front brakes and oil filter. Other then that my bike has been relatively trouble free. I understand that some early 2000 models had a single radiator set up that may have led to over heating issues in slow traffic conditions. I also hear horror stories about rear wheel bearings giving out. Itís difficult to say how far these machines will go. I keep the bike maintained with regular oil changes, brake fluid changes and coolant checks. As with any machine preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep a bike in good condition. I recommend you ask the owner about the service history. Many problems posted on this forum appear to be drastic. I suppose Iím one of the lucky ones that received a well built bike and try to keep it that way. Are you looking at the bike in Ducati Seattle?

-- Tim W (provamo35@hotmail.com), April 14, 2004.

An F4 is no more fragile than any other bike - it will however always benifit from being looked after.

The rad problem was only with very early bikes which is why MV sorted them out fairly quickly - the other recall work is no more than any of the big japanese companies would expect from a totaly new moddel.

The colapsing rear hubs is actually just the bearings, if someone who dosn't know what they are doing overtightens the pinch bolts then they will be damaged - if this is left too long before remedial action then the hub will also be history.

As for ultimate longevity - there is a guy in Italy who has over 50,000 Km on his bike with no real problems.

9500 is no problem - check the bike over carefully

Is it clean - look under the seat/fairing pannels. Has the chain been cleaned/lubed - is there lube all over the swing arm. Are fasteners corroding.

How is the paperwork - has it been regularly serviced, who did the work.

A bike that's being used regularly is possably in better condition than a low milage one thats been left neglected.

Basically thats a little higher than most (assuming it's a Y2K or 01 bike)which should be reflected in the price (a little), but this may be offset against any extras it may have had fitted.

If you like it then buy it - then join the owners club


-- Mark Magenis (m.magenis@btinternet.com), April 14, 2004.

Okay. Here's a similar question. Do you think 8,500 miles is too high for a 2002 MV? Would the mileage drive the resale price down much.

I think you guys know where I may be going with this question! :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), April 14, 2004.

Well, I didn't want to get sucked into this but you've left me no choice. I have to concur with Mark in that you are oftimes better off with a bike with higher mileage that has been used and not abused, compared to a lower mileage bike that has been neglected. Prior to my MV, which has 18K miles, I owned in succession a 92, then 94 VFR 750. Each of those bikes had approx 35K miles and ran just as well with those miles as the day they rolled off the showroom floor. Though I haven't checked, my gut says there is no difference in the performance of my bike today compared to 4 years ago. I challenge anyone to check the compression of my cylinders. If it's down more than 2% I'd be shocked. Back to the question of "What is high mileage"...I don't know what high mileage is, but I know this if you think 5K, 15K or 35K is high mileage, then you better be careful of the company you keep because there are some BMW folk that'll have quite a laugh at your expense! Suddenly I'm wishing my bike doesn't sell so I can put another 20K on it to give the naysayers something to digest.

-- Masis Yeterian (masisludiy@aol.com), April 15, 2004.

8,500 is definatly highr than average as many owners won't even consider getting wet (am I sticking my neck out here?) which is something I simpathise with. Most of the bikes (of any age) that I have seen for sale have less than 3-4K but that may be why they are for sale, i.e. thay aren't getting used.

A dealer would be looking to drop the price on any bike so would suggest that the mileage is a bit high, as there aren't that many for sale it should realy be a sellers market though.

-- Mark M (m.magenis@btinternet.com), April 15, 2004.

Thanks Mark. I've been thinking of selling my '02 for about $13.4 to $14K in a few weeks. I have 8.5K miles, so I wasn't sure how that would affect the price. There don't seem to be too many MV's on Cycletrader or eBay right now.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), April 15, 2004.

i have a 2002 f4 mono silver that iwant to sell with just 3000 miles. email me at cjimmya@tmail.com if u are interested.

-- jan steedley (cjimmya@tmail.com), April 17, 2004.

fellow mv'ers I have an f4s 02 with 8900 on it the last service incl new chain etc was 500 quid.I would think that a bike that has been used 'normally' ie 4000 mile per year is better that a machine that has spent its year with someone looking at it. The engine should be run-in and used,serviced as any other bike. The bike is so rewarding to ride that anybody who can leave it in the garage,when the sun is up,the tarmac warm and your mates are ready to role needs a new hobby?? all the best

phil folkestone kent nearest dealer powerhouse ashford kent.england

-- philip stevenson (philipstevenson@supanet.com), April 25, 2004.

I can't help you out with the mz question but here's my two cents on high mileage. As stated on the board maintaining proper maintenance goes along way. I ride a 99 honda 1100 aero i bought new in 2000 and have 24,000 miles on it. I ran into a guy with a 98 who rides year round(pennsylvania) and has 80,000 miles with no problems.I also see goldwings and BMW's all the time with close to and over 100,000 miles. On the flip side I see bikes all the time anywhere from a couple of years to 15 years old with under 10,000 miles. I suppose what i'm getting at is 9500 miles wouldn't scare me off if the price is right and the bike is taken care of. Good Luck

-- Benjamin Conway (cicely997@aol.com), June 16, 2004.

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