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Can anybody tell me if I need a new chip in my EV 03, if all the baffles are removed? Yes, I know they will be LOUD, but loud pipes save lives . . . right!

-- Kenny Nash (, April 13, 2004


Kenny, I fitted a set of Casoli pipes that have reworked / partly removed baffles. They sound awesome, but the lack of back pressure was noticed. To be on the safe side and to get the best BHP out of the pipes I fitted an RG3 EPROM and had Italia Classics in Lincoln set the bike up. It now runs great, they also adjusted CO2, injectors etc. Well Chuffed ! Carl

-- (, April 13, 2004.

You won't NEED to, but it's reccomended. Don't get the Ferracci chip, though- it's optimized for racing, not road riding. Get the WCT chip from and you'll be all set.

-- ben (, April 13, 2004.

Yes you will need to sort out your fuelling.

Why don't you think about a powercomander - smooths things out right through the rev range and makes these bikes much quicker through the revs. I got 117.4BHP at the rear wheel on my 01 bike and you could probably expect another 10 or so on top of that - possably more due to the exhaust changes.

Or they come up on ebay sometimes.

-- Mark Magenis (, April 14, 2004.

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