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I have a G3a machine that has some open bars on the comuntator. There was a mfg design tolerance problem with this machine and the steel in the armature works loose from the shaft and then the arm windings pull loose from the com and you have numerous open bars. There was a bulliten some time ago for the fix for this. It has something to do with a procedure in the shop to repair this by drilling a hole with a mill through the steel to the top of the shaft key way and then putting a fitting and then use a special epoxy to make the repair. Please post this here or email me privately. Or how are fixing the shaft trouble. Thanks

-- Jim (, April 13, 2004


Are you a TKE employee ?

-- (, April 13, 2004.

The reason I ask if your a TKE employee is because your asking someone to put their job on the line, and probably everything they will ever make for the rest of their lives for giving out information on a technical bulletin.

-- (, April 13, 2004.

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