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I am very interested in the SCL line through Trilby, Florida circa 1968-1970. Does any one have an idea of the number and type of buildings located north of the station, the number of yard tracks and the engine servicing facilities? I have the station plans, and I think there was a water tower and scale track, but I am missing the rest of the track diagram. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Scott Lofreddo (, April 13, 2004


Scott: Sorry to be so slow about responding to your post, but I am still rummaging through my older photos and note regarding details about Trilby Yard during the 1965 -1970 time period. I will also respond to your question regarding the yard tower lights.

Rather than take up space on this page, I will send you my info via e- mail. I'll be glad to send anyone else the info, just let me know the e-mail address.

Take care and best wishes!

Aaron Dowling

-- Aaron Dowling (, April 21, 2004.

Scott; In looking at the"Condensed Profile of Southern Division Main Lines", 1947, ACL,on the Dupont to Lakeland and St. Petersburg via Trilby Main Line, it shows Trilby had a water tank, a concrete coaling tower, and section houses. The yard extnded from the 331 milemarker to just shy of the 333 milemarker, with a 1% curve to the left to about 333.4 southbound. North of the wye of he west bound St. Petersburg line, the yard appear to be six tracks to the east of the double track north-south mainline, and one long track to the wye on the west side of the main, off of which were the coaling tower and the water tank. From the section houses which are on the east side of the N-S main, just north of the station by several hundred feet, is a two track siding on the east side that run at least 3/4's of a mile and into the 1% left hand curve. The station is on the west side of the N-S main in the middle of the wye. On the east side just south of the section houses where the two track siding begins is a line with two short sidings that goes off sharply to the east toward Riverland. The N-S main line was made up of 100 lb. rail on both the northbound and southbond sides,with the NB being laid in 1928, and the SB side laid in 1930. The line going of to the east is 85lb. rail laid in 1933. The west bound line of the wye goes to St. Petersburg and has 100 lb. rail laid in 1931 and 32. I hope this gives you an idea of what Trilby loked like in 1947.

-- Roger duPont (, April 14, 2004.

I am also very interested in the line through Trilby, Florida, however my interest is during the steam era 1900-1950's. I also would like a track plan, maybe there is a fire insurance map as I have seen for Wildwood yard area. I am interested like Scott in the out / service buildings. As with Scott, any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Bill Middlemas (, April 14, 2004.

Scott, I can tell you a little.AFAIK there were no engine services at that time period.You had yard lights,cantelvered (sp)signal bridges,yes the water tank was still there as well as the scale.

-- J.Oates (, April 13, 2004.

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