Query over recent letter from Drydens

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Hi All,

Have any of you received a letter from Solicitors which contains the wording 'Please advise this office as to whether you are to instruct a Solicitor to accept service of Court Documents within the next 14 days'? Got one in the post over Easter which states should you be unwilling to discharge your liability, we shall refer this matter to our Client for authorisation to commence Court proceedings against you. Then goes on a bit but last line seems very ambiguous, are they asking if we would be prepared to instruct a Solicitor should they send Docs or are they imminently about to issue these. This debt is about 10.5 years old, but lender is insisting they can chase as long as they like as they have made contact. Any assistance greatly appreciated from all you excellent advisors out there.

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), April 13, 2004


Just spoken to a friend of mine who is a Judge and it means nothing. Apparently they are just asking if you intend to instruct a solicitor - something which if you do makes life a whole lot easier for them as they can serve court papers on the solicitor as opposed to giving them to you personally which is a lot more difficult. He advised that as we are getting nearer to 12 year time limit letters get a little more threatening but just keep on asking for documents we have already requested.

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), April 13, 2004.

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