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I was a f1 student in a high school. I attended school for 3 years, in the middle of my graduation year my financial sponsor(my father) paralized and died 2 month later and i didn't have a job to pay of my tuitions. the school let me finish up the year but did give me my high school diploma and my transcript due to the fact that i owed them money. I wanted to transfer to a college but i couldn't because the college wouldn't take me in without a high school diploma. So without a job i couldnt come up with the money and was left with two choices: one is to apply for work authorization based on unforseen financial hardsheep, pay of the tuition and apply for reinstatement in a college. but the Designated school official from the high school told me he cant help me get empl authoriz because i graduated and no longer belong to that school, the other choice was to wait for money coming from my fathers death Will and that money did coming in unitl 9 months later. in between that time i got arrested by the INS and put into removal procedure for overstay for a lenght of 7 felony. i spent 27 days in custodity just got out on bond. My girls(U.S Citizen)and i decided to get married. Do you think the judge will let me stay and give me green card throught marriage ? Will marriage play on my favor or not? Do I still have chances to stay and get back f1 status without marriage? what can an attorney do on my case? thanks for reading.....

-- abou wath (, April 13, 2004

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