Hydraulic Elevator Life Expectancy

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I am researching the life expectancy of hydraulic elevator jacks with jack wrap but not PVC(Dover Thyssen to be exact). Also, what is the life expectancy of the new HDPE jacks?

-- Jennifer Heck (jennifer@northlaw.com), April 12, 2004


Most of the new elevators installed in the last 5 years, should have the PVC liner around the jack. Before Thyssen bought Dover, they were using a product and promoted a 20 year life guarantee. I believe they stopped that promotion. When was this elevator installed? What part of the country, and is it leaking underground?

-- Matt Mathiesen (mattmathiesen@msn.com), April 14, 2004.


As a rule, the life expectancy of a jack depends on the environment in which it was installed. Electrolysis is the primary killer. Oceanfront property is far worse on the jack than midwest dry regions. The new HDPE is actually a "hybrid" mixing the best qualities of jack wrap and PVC. Theoretically, it should last forever as the material is not subject to ecological breakdown. The seams of the HDPE are coded and tracked in a database that gives the date, time, temperature,and mechanics name as well as other information. This info will be used to track the longevity of this system in the future as well as any problems that may arise in certain areas of the country.

-- Chris (Vertical-transport@verizon.net), April 16, 2004.

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