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I am doing a small elevator simulation in SIMAN simulation language. I tried using transporter and Station block. Right now i am considering only arrivals at the lobby. I am able to create and transport one entity(passenger) to the destination floor but i don't know how to take a group of entities and how to make the elevator stop at the requested floor.Also i want to know how to handle if i have arrivals at each floor. If anyone who has done elevator simulation in SIMAN and if they share their ideas, it would be a great help.

-- Subramaniam (lsubbu@coe.neu.edu), April 12, 2004


hi i have not done any work in SIMAN BUT can definate ly help you to understand the working of an elevator and elevator controls. regards amit

-- amit kansara (amitpkansara@yahoo.com), July 28, 2004.

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