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I am trying to determine the age of an ESCO hydro, number 4855. There are no wiring diagrams, drawings or data plates on the equipment that would identify the manufacturing date. Thanks for your help.

-- Jim Boxmeyer (, April 11, 2004


Esco used Job No system with OC-76-122 type of number and the 76 was the year. What selector, valve and controler do you have might be the most helpful. Most prints are close for a good mechanic if you get the similar type of model. If you really need the date it should be one the crosshead data tag and the state inspector should have a file on that job.

-- jim (, April 12, 2004.

Hey Jim -- I've got an Esco #4026 dated April 1965 and another #6010 dated March 1966. Since Esco numbered their jobs consecutively, I'd say yours is right in there somewhere. Esco didn't start using the year in their numbering system until around 1975 I think.

-- Kevin Cain (, April 14, 2004.

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