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For those of you who are worried about confidentiality in respect to the Mortgage Shortfall E-Petition, please read the following extract from the e-petition website ' '...... If you are a person signing a petition, we require that you supply your name and e-mail address, (postal address not necessary, though you can include it if you wish). Your e-mail address is something unique to you, like a signature, that validates your agreement with the petition in question. However, we will only post your name on the site - so as to offer you a degree of confidentiality. We would not wish you to become the subject of 'spam mail' or other forms of unsolicited advertising. We will retain your e-mail address, privately for validation purposes and may contact you to check the address is authentic. In the near future it is likely that all e-mail addresses will be checked automatically to ensure authenticity. Please keep the signatures rolling in, we are now over 200, next stop 1,000. Many thanks, Mark.

-- M Amos (, April 10, 2004

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