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Has anybody experienced that the belts of the Gen2 slide over the shieve?

I have had a customer with 4 Gen2 elevators. All 4 of them had this problem, if one elevator stands stil on top floor, within 10 to 15 minutes it has moved 3 to 4 cm upwards. We have checked the brake, that is certainly not the cause, so it must be the belts.

We had to take some load of the counterweigt and put it on the car, to stop it.

Otis says the belts are slippery and that they have to be cleaned, we have not seen any dirt/oil/grease on them.

P.S. has someone have a manual for this elevator


-- Marcel (ncc1502@yahoo.co.uk), April 09, 2004


first time i have heard of this. with you moving the weights to the car has this corrected the problem. If so then the balance load may be incorrect check this out!

-- for you (help@everyone.com), April 09, 2004.

I have noticed many differant Gen2 Belt configurations, on the lighter duty I have seen 3 belts with like 180 degrees of wrap and in the states I have heard of 6 with a deflector sheave arrangment that gives about 270 degrees of wrap, also is it true that the grooves in the belt are in a random pattern to prevent belt noise. Its an interesting design but allways had a concern about traction with that small driver and and sheaves are smooth not even a serpentine belt design. Is the driver made of Aluminium.

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), April 13, 2004.

yes they do jim but marcel has to look at the basics, and moving weights to cure his problem gives the game away!

-- foryou (help@anyone.com), April 17, 2004.

After my client had contacted Otis because of his warrenty, they have done something with the belts.

After that, we could put the load of the car and back on the counterweight.

The Otis gays were not allowed by their bos to put the weights back on themselves.


-- Marcel (ncc1502@yahoo.co.uk), April 17, 2004.

First of all, taking weight out of the counterweight after you've no doubt established balanced load is something you'd expect from a low life mom and pop shop trying to take a contract on something they have no idea about and have no conception of what the machine is designed to do. All they do is medicate, NO FIX. Leave it to the pros.

-- (kickyoass4fun@aol.com), April 17, 2004.


Afraid of telling your name?

If you know it all,

Why don't you tell us what was wrong with this elevator!

Balancing is wright, and car slips upwards.

comon, don't just write a lot of crap, tell us

-- Marcel (ncc1502@yahoo.co.uk), April 18, 2004.

One of our customers was just told that they needed a whole new machine by the worlds largest (or maybe it is just the USA's largest) elevator company. In reality they just need a new piece of keystock.

Mom and Pop to the rescue.

-- Dan (justsomeguylookin2@hotmail.com), April 20, 2004.

In my earlier post i wrote:

The Otis gays were not allowed by their bos to put the weights back on themselves.

I did not mean gays as in homosexuals, but i ment guys as in men.

I did not mean to offend someone, my apologies


-- Marcel (ncc1502@yahoo.co.uk), April 28, 2004.

Interesting, Given the normal wrap angle, loss of friction is unusual, I would have thought that getting a to motor stall or breaking traction on initial test was the bigger issue than slip. Belts tend to have more traction than less, any comments on this one?

Estimated vs actual cab weight has been and always will be an issue.


-- Britgeezer (Britgeezer@hotmail.com), July 26, 2004.

What you need to check are the rubber pads underneath the machine frame, some of these pads are too soft so the machine frame can tilt, if so those pads need to be replaced with the new harder pads. You can also check the springs maybe they are the wrong strength for the size of the elavator. And yes first of all... clean the belts, that is one of the most importand issues!

-- Vinkos (vinkos007@hotmail.com), August 02, 2004.

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-- maga (mugu@yahoo.com), January 31, 2005.

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