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Ijust translated this page from an Italian Web Site (I used a program to translate, so it is not very good)

Claudio Castiglioni and the director delegated some group malay Proton, Mahaleel Ariff, signed Tuesday 28 October 2003, a letter of you institute with that the Proton is pledged to point out 50% of the capital of the group Mv Agusta. For the improvement of the agreement is necessary the "free road" of the Italian Tribunal given that the business varesina is found still in self-possessed administration. The group Proton in 1996 already had put to mark the acquisition of the English Lotus but the operation with the mv Agusta is of different tenor, treating itself of the purchase of a contribution of participation to the capital absolutely joint one with respect to the present property. 30% of the capital of the Proton is of property of a state holding company malay, I cause for that the agreement was signed to the presence of the prime minister malay Datuk Serious Dr Mahatir Mohamad. It is not the before wavy one that the malay group moves in the area of two wheels. Who it follows the MotoGP knows that the Proton participates in the motomondiale with the 5 cylinders developed in collaboration with the Lotus and entrusted at the team of Kenny Roberts (pilots Nobuatsu Aoki and Jeremy McWilliams).

Thanks to the recent financing of 25 millions of euro obtained from a consortium of banks with to Understanding Bank head, the raising of the brands Mv Agusta, Cagiva and Husqvarna already left and actual in these days the chains of assembly would have to be regime to reach the objective of 24.000 movement produced within the end of 2003. The failure in 2002 of the negotiations with the group I Flatter (flaw-purchase of the Immsi of Roberto Colaninno), has "yielded" to the group of Castiglioni a compensation of beyond 10 millions of euro and the I return in possession of 20% of the capital one previously held from I Flatter, but now it search for new technological and financial partner has moved abroad. When the definitive contract the strategy of raising of the historical Italian brands of the movement will be signed should find definitive completion.

-- O (, April 09, 2004


The news says (briefly) that an agreement between Proton and MV Agusta (50 pct each) has been signed on October 28th. The agreement need the OK from Tribunal, being the MV in administration (a sort of Capt 11). Proton is both famous fot its MotoGP racing bike managed by Kenny Roberts and for the raise of the Lotus brand The article says also that the INTESA BANK allowed a 25-million-euro loan to restart production etc etc

But let me say that it is better to go the official web site , chose UK Flag , go to News and read "LETTER OF INTENT WITH PROTON GROUP" Bye Carlo

-- (, April 09, 2004.

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