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Im looking for a Otis hand held for elevonics 411

-- (Elevatorpr2000@yahoo.com), April 08, 2004


you will not get one but you can use a laptop with usb or 9pin serial port with a data sycronised modem and use a legal open source software called tigerterm. Just use the standard tt software version 8.1 at www.tigerterm.com

-- for you (help@everyone.com), April 09, 2004.


Try this Link: http://www.liftdirectory.com/wwwboard/messages/253.html They sell them in France, Schindler & Thyssen Tools Too around 1800 Euros each. Or speak to joeelevators@yahoo.com he can help you out with the program to emulate an SVT on a laptop. It works very nicely indeedy! Better than an OEM Tool as far as I am concerned & I have both!

-- HelpingHand (helpinghand@hotmail.com), April 10, 2004.

Any VT100/ANSI terminal emulator will work, you need an RS232 to RS422 converter/line driver. Com settings are 9600 baud, 8 bits, odd parity, flow control hardware (doesn't really matter). Only connect the TX +/- and RX +/- to any of the boards via a DB9 connector, NEVER connect any other signals or voltages. This works for the RCB2 but you may have problems with establishing communications with any of the other boards.

-- liftie (fakeaddress@hotmail.com), April 30, 2004.


You are quire wrong in what you say! Not every VT100 emulator will work & only one out of all of them is stable. Further having the protocols does not let you use it as a tool. You also need the correct ASCII Key codes. Why can't you use a Baud rate of 4200? you can select this on some OTIS boards. Also with the right program it will work with all OTIS equipment!

-- ME (Helpinghand@hotmail.com), May 19, 2004.

Hmm Fake Address! Here is one for you. If the flow control setting does not really matter, then you have been using a RS232 to RS422 data converter that I have never come across? Get this setting wrong for the specific modem that you are using and guess what "It will not work properly" The display will freeze and that is not much use to you. Also I think that you will find that 99% of all VT100 emulators will not provide stable comms in all modes. I have tried Hundreds of them and only TigerTerm V8.1f provides the stability required. Another important point to consider is the type of cable you use for the interface lead. Get this wrong and its useless to you.


-- Frank (francis1@tinyonline.co.uk), June 29, 2004.

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