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hi all, the time has come to change rubber, I know its been talked about before but with all the tires out, i cant make my mind up. the main ploblem is do i fit a 60 or 70 profile to the front,and which make fits best, i ride fast road and the odd track day.

-- mark (, April 08, 2004


We've just had this same discussion over ont he Yahoo group.

The Dunlop D207RR is available in the correct size for the front (120/65) and is a fast road/track day tyre. The Pirelli Dragon Evo Corsas will also come in th eright sizes, and will aslo stand to the same abuse. You can also get the Metzler Sportec M1 in the right size, and the Bridgestone BT010, both great tyres as well, though maybe less focused for the track, will work well ont he road (I love the Sportecs myself) The other option is the Michelin Pilot sport, which i personally dont like, and have heard others have problems with, as they tend to go when they go, no warning.

Be aware if you go for a 120/70 be careful with it, as it could touch your front mudguard and radiator when braking hard from speed. If you decide to go for a 120/70 I'd suggest soemthing steel belted would be best, like the Pirelli Supercorsa/Diablo/Diablo Corsa, or the Metzeler Rennsport(same as a SuperCorsa) or the Bridgestone BT002. The dunlop D208gps and Michelin Pilot Race Hx series fronts aren't steel belted and will grow more when spinning than the steel belted others.

just my opinions, probably get shot down.


-- Phil (, April 08, 2004.

Has anyone tried the 120/70 Metzler Diablo CORSA on the front? Will it fit OK?

-- martin (, April 09, 2004.

The Diablo Corsa (Pirelli, not Metzeler, though they are one and the same company) front in a 120/70 will physically fit on the rim, and a load of the guys over at Yahoo, and on the Aussie MV owners website have made exhaustive tests + measurements to see if it will clear the hugger and not foul the radiator. Those that are using it have had no troubles at all to press, and love the tyre.

The only problem is that the factory have said that a 120/70 could interfere with your radiator if you are braking really hard. I had the Metzeler Rennsports in 120/70 on mine for about 3000 miles, and they are awesome, but I did end up with a small crescent taken out of the radiator surround due to this. However, I seem to be the only one to have had this problem with them.

I would say that the Pirelli/Metzeler and Bridgestone are less likely to do this than other manufacturers, as they are steel belted and can't "grow" as much, and if you were concered, you could always drop the forks a few mm through the clamps, and re-set the ride hide to compensate. This might slow the steering a tad, but would help.

There is a rumour that the Diablo Corsas will be available in 120/65 now, but I haven't seen any, though Mike over at Yahoo has been told they exist by Demon Tweeks in the UK. If they are, this would be your ideal option I believe.


-- Phil (, April 09, 2004.

Thanks Phil.

-- martin (, April 09, 2004.

Just like to put in a vote for Michelin Pilot Sports. Its a myth that they let go unexpectedly, they hang in there just fine. That said, they have now been replaced with the new Pilot Power, unfortunately not yet available in 120/65. As far as I'm aware Diablo 'Corsas' don't come in 65, but 'Standard' Diablos do. It seems most of the new 'Sticky' tyres aren't yet available in 65.

207RR's are good tyres and you can get the 65, you can also pick them up for about 130 a pair at the moment. Dunlop have just anounced the 208RR and they also list a 65 front, however I rang Dunlop and they couldn't tell me when it would be available, so get on that phone and hassle them !!

Personally I would stick with the 65 and not fit either a 60 or 70, but I'm a big fan of 65 fronts as I feel they give the best of both worlds, quicker steering and good stability. I've had 65's on my last 3 bikes with no problems. (Mostly Pilot Sports I might add, with a smattering of 207RR's). Got Bridgestone 010's at the moment as they were on the bike when I got it, they seem pretty good but I will probably change to something a little stickier for the hotter weather, and the annual trip to the Nurburgring.


-- Craig (, April 10, 2004.

thanks all

-- mark (, April 10, 2004.

Thats what I love about tyres, some people love certain types, others don't. I had a few step outs on the F4 with the Pilot Sports, and felt none of them coming, unlike when I ride Pirelli or Dunlop, and I know a few others who have had similar issues. With the MV I found that I never had 100% confidence on it because of this until I swapped to the Rennsports. Horses for courses I guess.

Incidentally, I tried to order the Diablos(non corsa) in a 120/65 front, I waited 2 weeks, to be told "er, no sir, they don't actually make them even though they advertise them", after I'd specifially asked the question. They are allegedly making the corsa (as per previous post) in a 120/65 front though, and if I could get either the Diablo or Diablo Corsa in a 120/65 I would. But until then, its M1s or 207RRs for me, as I believe in sticking to the right size.


-- Phil (, April 12, 2004.

AWWW PHIL! Now you spelled it out in plain Englais! You weren't rating the pilot sports very good, but now you say you had some slides! hahaha If I could have only read between the lines! I just ordered a rear pilot sport hours ago! :) I don't plan on taking it to the track, but i do ride it to MY potential (the bike has much more than me!). Please tell me that the pilots you had were the old style.. Did they have an old style? I'll let you know how i like them! $160 delivery included in that. Best price I could fine from Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse.


-- Bullwieney (, April 12, 2004.

Hi Bill,

I told you over on Yahoo mate, the Michelins are no good. Mike T had mentioned the slides, I didn't feel I needed to, as I had described how little confidence I had in the bike until I swapped over! I had maybe 3 sudden step outs on them, which just put me off.

They were the Pilot Sport that come standard, and not the new Pilot Power that is out this year.

As I said mate, everyone has their own favourite, mine is not Michelin (not road tyres anyway). I used to love Michelin until I tried Pirellis, which just seem to be more suitable to me!!

-- Phil (, April 13, 2004.

OK phil... I hope I have better luck, as i assume that unless im getting hosed on some old warehouse stock, that I'm getting the new and improved tyres.. I have the factory Dragons...I don't race...I ride medium to slighty aggressive..Hope this year will be more aggressive; so i have no complaints about the dragons...let u know..



-- Bullwieney (, April 19, 2004.

If you like the dragons, I'd have stuck another set on, but thats em!!

I have a set of the Dunlops to try next, I've always liked them, though I now know too much about them!! Ah well, if Bridgestone ever make the BT 002 in a 120/65 I'll be on them for free!!


-- Phil. (, April 19, 2004.

I've been using the Michelin Pilot Power on my GSX750F (120/70), and after the first 100k's the tyre really showed exceptional grip. Ive now had them for over 450k's and now that it's getting colder the heat up for the 'power' is ten times as fast as the Pilot Road on the rear. I saw on the Michelin UK website info that the wet handling and performance is much better than the old Sports, and the wear factor is not compromised. It's based on the MotoGP tyre and it shows, brilliant braking and cornering. Put it this way, it cost $200 aussie dollars ans the bikes worth $10,000. It's the only thing that stops the bike efectively and steers the bike and keeps you upright... it's miles ahead of the Pilot Road and Avon Azzuro35.

-- Greg Unicomb (, May 09, 2004.

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