JVC GR-DVM70 Fading Image LCD & Viewfinder

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Recently purchased used DV M70. All is fine except when you look at an image/scene with a moderate or bright light. Then the image fades to nothing and comes back again. This will happen with both the lcd and the pull out viewfinder. This fading will occur in both manual and auto setting, whether actually recording or just looking. Records fine. Playback is fine also with no fading. What the heck is wrong? Is this a hardware or setting issue? TIA

-- A (scrooge-and-marley@comcast.net), April 08, 2004


Let me amend the above statement. The fading DOES appear on playback. I was told that it did not and finally got around to trying myself and it does indeed fade.

-- A (scrooge-and-marley@comcast.net), April 08, 2004.

I have exact the same problem and somebody there please help!

-- WhyJVC (richardyao@msn.com), February 15, 2005.

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