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I am trying to find a list of regular maintenance items that should be performed on an Esco Elevator. The unit is # is 8175 and it is a single piston unit. This is all I know about the unit. The reason I am looking for this information is to determine weather my Full Service Contract should cover the "packing that is leaking". What is packing, where is it located, what is leaking from it, and why did the maintenance company not find it during the regularly scheduled maintenace? If someone can help me please contact me as soon as possible. You may e-mail me or call me at work at 717-394-3374 ext. 226. Thank you very much.

-- Betsy Shank (, April 07, 2004


maybe you can find in this sit what you need

-- younes yaman (, April 08, 2004.

Hi I'm a Brit, and the word "packing" is the old word for the seals on the cylinder/ram unit which pushes the lift car up. It was a word used to describe any material used to prevent oil escaping from any moving part of a machine. The poor terminology adopted throughout the industry can create some confusion. Presuming that this refers to the hydraulic cylinder/ram seals, then the following should be noted. Some oil must pass through the seals to allow smooth operation of the ram. This amount is modest, 1-2 cups a month. This is collected in a container or bottle in the lift (elevator) pit. Excess leaking indicates loose seal fixings, worn seals, or ram mis-alignment. Just who did discover this leak? are they correct in their analysis of the problem? Why not just ask the elevator mechanic for his views. Sometimes mistakes are made.The most common is "leaping to conclusions". Seeking a conflict with either the Inspector or the Engineer is non-productive. Litigation is good only for lawyers.

-- the lift man (, April 08, 2004.


Good luck Bud, Esco went bankrupt about 10 years ago at least. Some parts are still available through ADAMS, etc... but most of the stuff is obsolete. Like others before them Thames Valley, U.S., Payne, Serge, etc... It will be cheaper to mod as time goes by rather than keep this obsolete stuff going. Cheers

-- Rolland Harrison (, May 05, 2004.


Typically a full maintenance contract should cover the repacking of the elevator piston. Gorman Co. in TX makes replacement packings for Esco Elevators. The packing is not diffucult to replace and should take no more than two hours to do. There are very few parts on an Esco of your vintage that are hard to get, with the exception of the control valves.

-- Mike Lardner (, June 09, 2004.

Betsy, I worked for esco for 10 yrs. The packing is a seal around the hydraulic piston. Your main. agreement normally covers this. If it doesn't leak more than say 3 gallons a month, then it is fine. Your elevator man should check this monthly. You can get packings for these from Gorman Seals. Its not hard to change, but should be done by qualified persons.

-- Rick Karnes (, July 30, 2004.

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