Upgrading my exhaust.

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Hey All! Looking to upgrade my exhaust canister. I can't send it to Casoli to 'de-baffled' 'cause they don't have an exchange at hand, thereby, would require my pipe and I don't want to be out for couple of weeks.

The other options are to purchase blueflame and the likes but for much more dinero when what I really want is to have that nice, deep, throaty rumble. And yeah, I prefer not to upgrade the chip itself (a) too much power as it is already until I master the bike (b) I do not want to remove the rev limiter which the chips apparently does as well.

Anybody selling theirs?

-- Jon-Jon (jpolicarpio@hotmail.com), April 06, 2004


Jon Jon,

if you change your pipes to allow for a free-er flowing set (erad make them louder) you will have to chnage your chip, otherwise you will be running the bike too lean, and could damage something. The best bet is to fit a powercommander, that way you can get the very best set-up for your particular pipe. And besides, chipping wont remove your rev limit, though it may push it up a bit further.

If you are thinking of going that high up in the rev range I'd suggest whether it is making 120 without changing the chip, or 125 after changing it you probably isn't going to matter, remember, the bike makes its max power well before the limiter kicks in.

-- Phil (p.wood@tesco.net), April 06, 2004.

There is a OEM exhaust on EBAY for about $250.

Get a WCT chip. You'll get better throttle response which will make the bike easier to ride. It is a lot easier than going the power commander route.

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), April 07, 2004.

please explain how you configure the WCT chip Martin, as PC set up is well known to most, I have no idea how the WCT works, I know the PC needs specialist fitting, but once on board, its easy enough to set up to a PC and change settings without having to pull everything back off the bike...?

-- Phil (p.wood@tesco.net), April 07, 2004.

The Power commander is a good alternative if you have some that is experienced enough to play with the mapping. The WCT chip is plug and play. Most bikes can still benefit from additional baseline tuning since none of the bikes are set up the same from the factory (ie: fuel pressures, fuel mixture settings, etc...)--so expeiences can vary until this is done-- but out of the box the mapping with the WCT chip is much better than the OEM or after market RG3 chip. All one has to do is take it out of the box and swap it fo rthe chip that was in the bike. Contact me off line (or by phone) if you have any more questions.

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), April 08, 2004.

Martin, are they any power gains with the WCT chip using an EVOII's stock exhaust?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, AZ) (Agibbs996@aol.com), April 08, 2004.

Hi Alan,

I have not tried the WCT on a stock exhaust system myself, but I heard that people with stock systems were very happy with the throttle response and improved low end power (which is pretty much what everyone else has experienced). I'm using it on a evo2 with a full RG3 system. Before the chip, I was thinking of selling the bike or installing a big bore kit. I'm pretty happy with it now.

There are a few guys that have been playng around with additional tuning and are getting additional benefits on the top. I'll try to collect more information and pass it on.

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), April 08, 2004.

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