Yard Floodlights

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I have just completed a model of the Trilby, FL station and would like to include a ACL style yard floodlight (one was located just south of the station, along with the Washingtonia Palms)in the scene. Can anyone provide basic dimensions for the structure, or point me in the direction of drawings/dimensions? Thanks.

-- Scott Lofreddo (scott.lofreddo@hq.transcom.mil), April 06, 2004


Scott, I wish I had an answer for you.I have always wondered about this too. I think the base would be between 12" and 14" and getting smaller as it got higher.This was done with telescoping pieces.Brass pieces are the best to use for this.I would place them at 90 to 100 feet high.Maybe some back issues of "Lines South" will have a picture for you to see what the upper part looked like.I also think the ACL and SAL were simialar.How about a picture of your depot.

-- Joseph Oates (uj67@mindspring.com), April 06, 2004.

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