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Because the F4 Ago version will be delivered with the 1000 engine, a limited serie of the 750F4 EV03 gets the Ago (SPR) engine. I've seen one of the first. It's got silver anti-vibration weights on the ends of the handlebars and a special exhaust. Also the EV03 marks are missing on the rear seat. How many of these will be made is not clear. Strangly the price is the same a normal EV03

-- Marco Peters (, April 03, 2004


Its called the SR, and as you say has the SPR engine, apparently after the Ago was changed to the 1000 they had a surplus of SPR engines and will make these until the SPR engines run out!

And yes, its the same price as the SPR, just less teh carbon and black paint!


-- Phil (, April 05, 2004.

Correct Phil. But the price is the same as the EV03 not the SPR like you mentioned. So you can get more horsepower (105 KW said the label on the headlight)for the same money as a EV03. But you also get a close ratio gearbox which is great on the track and less great for normal (?) road use.


-- Marco Peters (, April 06, 2004.

Is the SR coming to the US?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (, April 06, 2004.

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