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my family business it's coffee,we are located in the high mountains of Guatemala, and can produce over 5 millions pounds of high quality arabica coffee, my question is, how do I set up some kind of business in the US or any other country to sell our coffee directly from our farms without having to go through a broker. any suggestions will be appreciated.

-- Anthony Cisnero (malpaso1@juno.com), April 02, 2004


Why don't you set up a B2B (business to business) website? Does your coffee have a name brand that would be known in the states? Would you have the capital available to do the necessary advertising? Are the prices competitive? You should really talk to someone about a marketing plan. Although the costs of starting a business are high... the rewards can be extremely high as well!!

Those who take a risk have the opportunity to be extremely wealthy!!

Good luck!

-- Mike (nsx4mik@aol.com), April 03, 2004.

Send offer of your coffee products and descriptions including packing information and prices for the distribution in Slovak Republic and Poland in EU.

-- TIZCO (sales@tizco.sk), May 14, 2004.

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