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hi i was sponsered to come from uk with well known company contracted initialy for 1 year and a half, the company sold my contract to the hospital i was working for, and the new contract was now for two years I recieved my green card six months ago and have worked the same I now want to buy out contract and get similar job nearer where i live as i am travelling 97 miles one way to get to my place of work will this effect my green card and will it be revoked.

-- jenn miller (, April 02, 2004


No it won't. Once you have a green card, you can change employers as freely as a U.S. citizen. It's quite different from an H-1B or other temporary visa, and also quite different from the period when your green card application is pending, when there are limits on your mobility.

-- Michael Boyle (, April 06, 2004.

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