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We run several sober living homes in Riverside, California. We need to hold down costs as we are a Non-Profit Corporation.

We need a coffee supplier for our sober homes.

Please contact me directly at

Most respectfully, Eric Segal

-- Eric Segal (, April 01, 2004


Dear Madame/sir,

We are Indonesian based company specialized in agriculture business looking for potentially prospective buyer for our products. We produce and sell sumatran coffee. As you know Sumatran cofee is well known for its superior quality due to the geographic condition and altitude where it grows, and has been certified by both European and American agencies. The specific location of the land is in Sumatran island (The most western part of Indonesia). Our cofees grow in both Sumatra Utara (North Sumatra) and N.A.D ( stands for Negroe Aceh Darusalam means Aceh Darusalam teritory) , and they are adjacent to each other. Our output offer is green bean, and we are able to provide up to 3,200 Tons/year or averagely 267 Ton/month. Each container weights approximately 26 Tons and they are all packed in 60 Kg plastic bags. Sizable samples can be sent upon request. Should you require any other further information regarding our company or products please feel free to contact me by e-mail at :

I very look forward to having business with you.

Sincerly yours,

Antony Pieter

-- daihastu (, April 03, 2004.

My name is Wond, I am from Atlanta, GA. Our business is located in Addis Abeba Ethiopia, currently we are expanding our business to USA. We group Ethiopian coffee and used to sell in Ethiopian market but right now we are exporting to USA. Definetly we do believe that we are the right supplier to your needs, if you wanted to have more information about our products and would like to have sample, please feel free to contact me at or (404)663-1511.


-- Wond (, May 30, 2004.

I can get you all the fresh roasted coffee you need at $3.00 per pound. If interested contact me at for more info.

-- Jeff Lowe (, September 08, 2004.

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