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Hello everybody, I work for TKE in LA. I need to replace some step chains on 76 step Mont.crystal Esc. i priced chains at kone spares they want $351 for a box that covers 6 steps. ECS wants $500 a box ,ecs has a better chain made in usa tolarnce are perfict unlike kone that you have to match each box long side to short side and total it up when you get to end. does any one know of a vendor that handles this chain good quality closer to the price of kone? thanks for your replay

-- randy (, March 31, 2004


I did not fully explain i guess. i do want to change all the chains . 12 boxes x $351 and 4 single boxes $58 sorry

-- randy (, March 31, 2004.

Try Dawson E & E parts ltd. at:

we had to change a complete chain and costed us around 60USD per module (module is part of the chain with 4 rollers and connecting arm). also you buy everything you may need (chain assembley, steps, combs etc.)

best of luck

-- (, April 01, 2004.

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