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Ummm...I'm in a beginner photography class at my University...and I'm having problems taking picures even if I THINK people might be able to see me doing it...I feel like a weirdo...I try to hide the camera and I just walk around, even if I see something I might want to get a shot of, I ignore it in case someone watching thinks its weird...our assignment is to shoot the ordinary and make it extraordinary...If I was taking pictures of things that people "normally" take pictures of (like pets, people, monuments, whatever), I wouldn't feel so strange...but I'm out there shooting things like benches and whatnot...Its all about me being too concerned with other people's perceptions of there any way to get around it??? I'm afraid I might have to drop the class or something because I end up hiding somewhere and taking pictures because they have a due date, not because I feel something for the shot, and it pictures come out without a! :o(

Amanda C.

-- Amanda C. (, March 28, 2004


Just get past it and take pictures of whatever!!! Someone might think you are weird, but who cares, you probably are and you probably will never see them again. Do what you want to do or you will be unhappy! there, have fun.

-- Max W. (, March 29, 2004.

Photographer in Latin translates very loosely as "wierdo with a camera" However: you are going through what most photographers do-- you are not deep down convinced you have the right to be there and take pixes of whatever interests you. Most Photogs get shy when they have to photograph people. That is my big hang-up. Realize that people WILL be interested in what you are doing, because it is well...interesting. You will probably be the most interesting person in the area at the moment. Most will be curious, so polite, friendly conversation will smooth the way. You meet a lot of nice people that way. A tiny minority will be hostile, so be aware of your surroundings, but a grin will go a long way towards winning those over. If not, peaceably leave the area, regardless of perceived rights. Like the previous poster said, "DO IT!" The more you do, the less you will be concerned about what others may think, AND it gets easier. Guaranteed! Practice with an empty camera, or better, have your camera loaded and with you all the time. Practice stealth. That is different from sneaky. You may hear someone say, "Why is that girl pressing that ham sandwich to her eye?" Above all, ENJOY this magical pastime!

-- carl crosby (, April 09, 2004.

basically do what i do... ask your self "would i rather regret taking this photo or regret not taking this photo" I always take the chance of regreting taking it, but have yet to ever regret taking any photo... I used to hate taking my camera around because people would think i was a tourist and ask for change and stuff all the time but no i just walk like i won the place and make myself comfortable and people think your there for some reason usually...and they saty out of your way...just basically take charge of your camera and take the photos you want to...chances are youll be happy you did

-- unSCENEart (, May 07, 2004.

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