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I was wondering if anybody had tried printing a digital file onto an overhead transparency and then using that as a "slide" in a daylab processor to obtain a polaroid copy of the digital image?

-- Bobby (, March 28, 2004


I did try this and thought how clever the idea was... except for one thing! My resolution was way too low and the photo came out really pixelated. I used Photoshop's "Contact Sheet" and it all worked well except for the res. I put the cut pieces of overhead trans. film into slide mounts. If you figure out the correct resolution for this... let me know. Good luck!

-- Catherine Gamlen (, March 28, 2004.

I'm just guessing....

I think it be better if you increase to higher resolution that would give better result when converting it to slide for higher quality printing on the daylab.

I'm still learning the rope....

-- Steven (, April 16, 2004.

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