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i am relatively new to the music of bill laswell and material but everything that i have heard has converted me to a fan. i will be attending the bonnaroo music festival this year where bill laswells material band will be and i was wondering what to expect. if you could tell me who is in the band, type of music(i know thats a hard one but if you could just try...i like eveything i have ever heard from this band) and maybe when exactly they are playing. i would be forever grateful for any information you could provide.

-- Kris Leigh (, March 27, 2004


You can expect excellence! I would also expect the unpredictable, the uncontollable and the unknown. Bill always assembles the best of those who are not only musicians but magicians as well. Music and magick is what I would expect!

-- Bruce A. Gosey (, April 29, 2004.

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