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I need to Spot Weld.032 Piano Wire to .025 stainless steel & need to Keep the Piano Wire Spring effect. The Piano Wire, after Spot Welding, is too brittle & will break off with a little pressure. Is there a procedure I could use that would Keep the Spring Tension of the Piano Wire after Spot Welding.


-- Roger Laghezza (, March 26, 2004


I encountered a similar application many years ago. It was the welding of a high carbon steel period to a spring steel strip for a high speed printer. We used a programmable weld control with a programmable downslope. That control is no longer made; however several control manufacturers now have similar capability. You may need a fully programmable down slope capability; as apposed to a fixed down slope function in many lower cost controls. Some job shops throughout the country have programmable equipment. They could run some tests at various downslope functions to see if it would work before buying a machine. You may need some short quench and temper functions mixed in; all possible with a programmable unit. You may need to stick with an SCR type of control as apposed to an ignitron retrofit. The latter can not go down to a cool enough level. You may find that you have to slope down to 5% of the weld current that is required for the job. Any job shops with programmable equipment may want to leave a subsequent message.

Bob Szabo web site: www.szabo

-- bob szabo (, March 27, 2004.

bob szabo web site:

-- bob szabo (, March 27, 2004.

A TIG welder does the trick!!!!!

-- Chris Caldwell (, August 15, 2004.

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