Whitehall 14 for sale, Seattle Times ad 3/26

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I saw this ad in the morning paper.

14’ Whitehall - fiberglass w/mahogony, $2000. 206-546-2964

I know nothing about this boat. But I'll guess its a Gig Harbor Whitehall 14 as the Whitehall Row one's have teak trim. But I figured some people on this list have been looking for a boat like this. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), March 26, 2004


Here's another one. Seattle Times ad 6/20

Gig Harbor Whitehall

Price:$5,000 14’ Gig Harbor Whitehall - rowing dinghy w/trlr. $5k. 206/855-9298 (Again I know nothing personally about this boat, same reason for posting, general interest. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), June 21, 2004.

Here's another one. (Sailing & rowing version)


GigHarbor Whitehall sail rig, lk new, 4 oars, full cvr exc $3250obo 360-697-3571

Additional information: Boat is a 1994 model but has been stored for much of its life. It’s in very good condition and rows beautifully. Center seat has two positions for single or double rowers. The sails are in near new condition and have probably been raised only a few times. Anodized aluminum mast and varnished wood boom. Transom has factory block to allow use of small outboard or trolling motor. Full cover is exc. w/ wood bows. SS keel strip. Elec. trolling motor & battery are available for an extra $100.

I know nothing about this particular boat, but people on this list are sometimes looking for one. So I'm posting it.


-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), February 07, 2005.

'nother one: Seattle Times 2/12/05 (not my boat..)

Small Craft/ Dinghies $2,500 14’ Whitehall - Row, fbrglss, oars, trlr, cover. $2500 360-866-0555

-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), February 13, 2005.

I got word that the Feb 7th ad boat sold.

-- Gary Powell (gwpowell@hotmail.com), March 14, 2005.

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