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Hi guys,

I am considering buying an 04 SPR - was curious as to whether or not any of you have ridden an SPR and what your impression of that bike is over the standard MV (I had an 02 EVO II). Would you get an SPR, or hold out for the MV 1000 - a silly question to most, I know, but the exclusivity of the SPR and the special motor seem like it would make for a very unique ride.

Your thoughts?

-- Steven (steven_gonzales@cox.net), March 26, 2004


Pete on Yahoogroups/mvagustaf4.com wrote up a recent comparo:


Of course SPR vs 1000 is a very personal choice and since no reviews are yet avail on the 1000 it would be a difficult one to make were one swayed by bhp alone.

-- JamesC (jamesacorell@hotmail.com), March 26, 2004.

Tough question. Sort of like shark vs. crodocile? Who would win?

If you can wait for the 1000cc, I guess the question is do you like high revs or prefer more torque?

If you can wait for the 1000cc, then work a discount on an SPR.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (Agibbs996@aol.com), March 26, 2004.

LOL - you must be watching the Discovery channel (shark v. croc). So, if I'm hearing you correctly, you would probably wait for the 1k to come out (which makes perfect sense to me), or at least a review. Knowing MV, we'll be still waiting for the silly thing to come out 2 years from now...I'll try to be patient.

-- Steven (steven_gonzales@cox.net), March 26, 2004.

Actually, I've been watching Adultswim's Flying Shark v. Flying Crocodile too!

[img] http://www.adultswim.com/promos/200403_shark_v_croc/img/main_top.jpg [/img]


-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (Agibbs996@aol.com), March 26, 2004.

I had the pleasure of riding the SPR on the roads in Switzerland last year. Its an awesome piece of kit, BUT it is most definately aimed at the track. Pete rode it on the track and loved it, but be warned, with standard ratios it has a 90mph+ 1st gear, which just makes those tricky 1st gear tight corners and streets that little bit trickier. Luckily the one we were using had a smaller front sprocket and bigger rear sprocket making it suit the alpine roads much better than with the std gearing. That said, once the engine is above 9-10k the thing really shifts, below that you probably wouldn't notice a lot of difference between it and an evo2/evo3, above it, and its arms out of sockets time. Handling and braking are sublime as the brakes have the better discs and calipers (as on the Senna) and the suspension is brilliant. You wouldn't be upset.

If you are considering the 1000 at all then I would wait for test, or to test them both yourself (if you can find them) I guess your question is, do you realy ~need~ the 1000, or would the SPR be a better choice for you to get the most out of.....

-- Phil (p.wood@tesco.net), March 26, 2004.

I decided not to wait and picked up a F4 S1+1 a week ago today. I just couldn't justify the extra $5,000 for the SPR, and waiting for the 1000 with the current Dollar/Euro issue had visions of upwards of $32K if/when it finally arrives. I could be wrong, but I'd rather be riding (740 miles and a priceless amount of beegass grins).

-- Jeff (eljeffe@bmwlt.net), March 26, 2004.

Steve, I would never buy the first year production of the MV 1000 if it were available. Not to say that the MV is not a reliable machine (I have 8200 mi of trouble free riding). I just think there could be some kinks that would need to be found out in the real world riding. I would not want to wait a long time waiting for parts on the 1000 if it did break. But I do love my bike (EVO 02) and would not trade it for any other street bike. Ray

-- Ray Lorente (ray1617@yahoo.com), March 27, 2004.

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