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hello there can anybody beat this 2000 model mv 8000 miles on the clock rear hub bearings colapsed, does anybody know how i stand with the warranty from m/v as the dealer i bought it off is no longer in existance by the way it was carnells of liverpool u/k

-- victor goll (, March 25, 2004


Hi mate,

sounds like bad luck really. I know a guy in Belgium whos bearings went on a motorway, nearly spat him off, but not quite. If its a 2000 modael, and you got it from Carnells, who are not an official dealer, I'd say you are scuppered.

However, if you go to the MV owners club of GB,, there is a link to a place to get replacement bearings much cheaper than the pukka MV kit, and as your bike is out of warranty, then you have nothing to lose.


-- Phil (, March 25, 2004.

As the 3x warranty guy said, a bearing is a bearing & MV ones aren't any different to any other why the f**k do they charge so much for them!!!

Don't expect any help from anyone official or to do with MV, they just have no interest once they have your loot.


-- rob mcc (, March 27, 2004.

Dude if you don't want to buy the bearings through MV your local bearing supplier can sort it out SKF is one of the largest manufacturers they should be able to supply replacements for at least 1/2 the MV price. You do need to take the original ones into them though as the numbers on the bearing cases is what the will refer too als tell them what they are for so that you don't buy under rated ones. Also when doing up the rear chain tensioning bolts make sure you use the correct torque settig " it ins't very high reason being that if you tighten it up too tight the it crushes the bearings removing the required running clearance hence premature bearing failure"!! Good luck

-- Bret Martin (, March 27, 2004.

I've just had this, 2001 model with only 6000 miles ! Luckily I bought it from 3X and they sorted it under warranty. However they replace the bearings and not the whole hub, so it might be worth giving them a call and seeing if they can supply you a set of bearings. Whether they'll help you with the warranty is another matter though. Good Luck.

-- Craig (, March 29, 2004.

If you talk to MV they will be more than happy to SELL you a whole new hub for more money than I care to think about - DON'T bother you can get some new bearings for about 10% of what MV will want. BTW it was almost certainly caused by incorrect tightening of the hub pinch bolts and could just as easily have happened at 1000 miles. they should both be EXACTLY 30nm - and no more/or less!

-- Mark M (, March 30, 2004.

thanks for all your replys.had to replace the whole hub at a cost of 550 becauase it had damaged the hub and i could not replace the bearings alone anyway back on the road now just in time for the good weather thanks for all the advice and safe riding to you all vic goll

-- victor goll (, April 01, 2004.

I just got back from riding where I heard a sort of rubbing sound for a while. I put the bike up on its rear stand and checked wheel rotation. It moves but seems very tight. If I try to spin it, the wheel stops imediately after letting go. My other two bikes spin at least a few inches after letting go. Could this be a bearing problem too? I know the chain and a little brake pad rubbing will keep it from spining some, but is this kind of tightness typical? I just had my 600 service 200 miles ago. Were there any sounds heard before the hub failed on other bikes? I must say my recent ride was otherwise a blast.

-- Greg (, April 05, 2004.

no sounds at all. sounds to me like your rear brake is not been adjusted properly check next time you go out to see if the rear disc is hot as this happened to me looks like the same symtoms cheers vic goll

-- victor goll (, April 05, 2004.

mine went while I was at the Nurburgring!!! Luckily leaving a petrol station off the track. Came home in the back to the van and fixed under warranty. Talk to importers 3X.

-- fraser butters (, April 30, 2004.

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