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Can someone tell me about the baggage car sides available through the society?

How are they to build?

Where would I go for decals?

What about trucks?

Please advise.

Robert Gross

-- Robert Gross (, March 25, 2004


In addition to the window strips mentioned by Joe, there are baggage car sides available for some of the heavyweight cars. I have built both the SAL cars (one of which is out of production). They require a Rivarossi coach to serve as a "core" kit, or you can use BCW ends and roof and make your own underframe. Essentially, though, it is a major "bash" job.

Decals are available through the Society (either the black or gold, depending on the particular car and paint scheme). If you use the Rivarossi coach, trucks come with it. Can't remember for sure, but think one of the cars actually ended up using top-equalized trucks (old Cape Line trucks). Don't have my copy of Faulk's book handy.

If you're talking about the window insert bands which are also listed in the catalog, they are relatively simple, but they are strictly for Budd LW cars... Uncle Joe has done several of those and has had good results.


-- Paul Bizier (, March 26, 2004.

These are not actually car sides.What they are is window replacments to use on an original Rivarossi lightweight passenger car.Take any coach,diner or sleeper (it is best to use a coach).By removing the current window panel,you can change the car to a ACL/SAL or FEC baggage-dorm by using the window inserts.You already have the car,so you should have trucks (no one makes the correct type).The society has the decals.Let me say this,unless you are an experienced modeler and like to do kit-bashes,I would not recommend this as a project.If you do decide to do this,contact me off list.

-- Joseph Oates (, March 25, 2004.

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