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I remember about twenty years ago there was a safety buliten about the victaulic clamp head that was installed wrong or something like that. I read through my manuals and found info on the differant jacks but not that bullitin. I know there are some of you maybe remember what that was about. Thanks

-- Jim (, March 25, 2004


Esco used a "green" victaulic clamp that mated at each end, (male ot female). The problem was that a crew put one togeather male to male, and female to female, which caused the clamp not to close on the head and jack properly. When pressure was applied to the system and the jack stands were removed, the head popped up out of the clamp and the elevator fell on one of the workers killing him. Esco then supplied 77 Vic clamps to avoid the potential for another incident. They also issued a "Safety Bulliten" to warn it's customers about the proper installiation of the clamps.

-- Mike Lardner (, June 09, 2004.

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