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I have a lot of concerns walking on rooftops of buildings nowadays with all the differant types of communication equipment all over the roof. All of these talks about safety nowadays and I dont hear anything about these hazards. Some type of small handheld test equipment to check this stuff for us so we are not trusting others with some test that was done years ago. Also some manuals on how to id these hazards and have the results posted on a form to the inside of the rooftop door would be helpfull.I have even seen jobs where you had to call before you walked on the roof because of hospital radioactive sample releases migh be in process. I would sure rather learn about this stuff then sit through another talk about back injuries.

-- Jim (, March 25, 2004


Jim- Was at a safety meeting yesterday that addressed this subject and we were told that the buildings are required to have testing done if they have antennas and if you request it, they are required to share the results. Hope this helps. Mark

-- Mark (, March 26, 2004.

Personal safety is your responsibility too. Don't be on the roof during a thunderstorm. Don't go near the edge on a windy day. Don't stand or walk in front of a microwave dish antenna. I don't need a sign to tell me about those! But surprise release of radioactive gasses?? I think there are laws against that.

I have seen a sign though that warned me to wear sunglasses because of blinding sunlight on a white roof. They weren't kidding either!

-- Don Vollrath (, March 26, 2004.

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