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Am in start up of a cafe/espresso bar and am looking to have an espresso machine loaned to us in exchange for purchasing coffee/espresso from company that loans us the machine.

-- Carol Clea Richards (, March 25, 2004


We are a full service espresso supply company featuring Lavazza Coffee and equpiment and Torani Syrups, Sauces and Frozen Drinks. See our website opening April 15, 2004 at

-- Gregory B. Comer (, April 05, 2004.

Check with Espresso Italia Marketing (800-565-6447). They are near Miami, FL, but they have franchised distributors all over the country, and I'm sure will be glad to assist. They operate such a program as you have indicated; providing you the machine in exchange for the coffee. (I'm a Nashville, TN distributor. If that happens to be close by I'll be happy to accomodate.)

-- Mike Brian (, July 23, 2004.


bofore you buy anything from Espresso Italia Marketing, visit the Rip Off Report to see what others say about the poor quality of these machines.

A former manager affirms that the whole scheme is a fraud. You can get in contact with me at my email address to find out more.

Michael Curran

-- Michael Curran (, January 10, 2005.

Hi Carol, its important that youre looking for the coffee as the guts to your business rather than the company that will simply loan you equipment . Just some advice and really not telling you how to run your business but cafes incur a set up cost by nature. A coffee machine should be part of the owners set up cost so as you can choose the coffee that youre most confident serving your customers. If that coffee also comes with loan equipment that is a bonus. What coffee you serve and with what service and expertise you serve it is the guts to your business, not who loans you equipment.

My 2cents worth.

-- Chris (, January 10, 2005.

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