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Don't know if I already posted this,maybe not,but I'm thinking of an all hydraulic design for gearless & geared machines. That means not only the brakes would be hydraulic,but also the sheaves would be driven by nothing but hydraulic motors. The pumps that supply the pressurized fluid would operate only when the car is responding to calls.

-- Mathew Bailey (, March 24, 2004


Yes do it, and the moment you step into an elevator you will be covered by oil. Dont like hydraulic and never going to!!!!!!

-- (, March 25, 2004.

What would be the advantage of that over an electric motor with, say, a V3F drive?

Are you thinking it would be easier to adjust to get a good speed pattern of 8.0 f/s/s/s jerk to 3.8 f/s/s with no ragged bits and accln. reversals like usual? or is it to pump oil to a roof tank using off-peak hydro, ready for powering during the peaks.

Is it true that some English guy invented steam television or were they just jerking my chain?

-- Barry E. Finch (, March 26, 2004.

Will the hall buttons be hydraulic too, just imagine all the fun! You gotta be delusional.

-- ripzilla (, March 27, 2004.

Please stop giving Schindler any Ideas. Just a matter of time before and I'll see this on my route....... GOD HELP US!!!!

-- Clark (, March 27, 2004.

I believe the major problem with a hydraulic application, other than the fact that it uses oil, is the lack of torque in the hydraulic motor. It simply doesn't compare favorably with the available torque of electric motors.

-- Richard Orr (, April 22, 2004.

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