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I am wondering what other Kentland homeowners are doing about their windows where the exterior trim (mostly the sills) has begun to rot? Is there any way to just replace the rotted wood or are people replacing the whole window w/ vinyl or other material replacement windows?

If you have had success w/ methods such as impregnating the rotted area w/ resin or simply found a carpenter who can fix this type of problem w/o replacing AND the fix is cheaper than window replacement, I'd like to hear from you or get the contact information for the person or company that did the work.

If you found that replacing the window(s) was the only real option and you are happy w/ the result, I'd like to know what company you chose; the type of window and approximate cost per window.

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and Kudos to anyone who can actually provide some information.

Terry Brennan

-- Terry Brennan (, March 24, 2004

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