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Toi xin FWD 1 Subject/Info ve van de Agent Orange ma VC-Hanoi dang mang ra LienHiepQuoc (UN) de ba`y tro` thua kien USA trong khi VC-Hanoi chua biet ro ta.i sao ca'c tre em sinh ra bam ta.t mat chan tay O phai la` chi vi` AgentOrange ma` la` co`n nhieu ly do kha'c vi` ca'c nuoc nghe nhu Phillipine, Mexico, Guatmella, India, v.v.... cung co' nhieu tre? em sinh ra bi. khuyet ta.t mat tay chan hay thieu 1 phan than the

Ly do la` VC-Hanoi muon la`m tien chu' ne'u chu'ng toi dan ti. na.n cung thua kien VC-Hanoi da da'nh da.p chu'ng toi roi cuop nha cua chung toi de chung toi bay gio NGHE DOI ben USA, O co com ma` an ma` phai an Pho, an BeefSteak song qua nga`y thi` sao :)

Moi anh KidFenceVietcong COPY ba`i na`y mang qua Forum cua anh roi thay chu na`o tu.c tiu thi` cat bo va` Post va`o Section na`o cho no' tien loi, chu toi thay anh chia SubSELECTIONs theo kieu cua anh thi` nghe`o na`n va` u to'i O bang 1 go'c cua VAS ho. OPEN hoa`n toan FREEDOM cho tung SUBJECT, O co Catergorize ma` chi sa'p loa.i 1 khi Subject duoc mang ra thi` subject do se va`o catergory na`o ... :)


Subject: Re: # Justice for Victims of Agent Orange

From: "Maximus" quietstar@night.com

Date: 3/21/2004 8:44 PM Pacific Standard Time


There are more dioxin in soil found in Japan, at the rate of about 8,000 times higher than the rate found in Vietnam; but there is almost no case of harm to human bodies like that in Vietnam; though there are other possible effects on health -- possible because the links to health problems are inferred but not direct proof. The difficulty lies in the fact that it take long time for human body living in the same environment to show the effects.

Japan has sent experts to Vietnam at least 3 times, and still work closely with US but so far there is no conclusion yet. The Orange agent is already made to become more a political issue than an environmental or else.

News archive about dioxin in Japan can be found here:



or at homepage: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/


-- ...... chu na`o ma` Hanoi thuong dan la`nh .... (TrietGiaSJeduNET@aol.com), March 24, 2004

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