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I have some questions about wheel bearings. I just got online and found this forum...Looks great...I have been reading through some of the old posts, and it seems that there were some hub issues. I;m going into my second summer of ownership of an '02 F4, and to prize myself for not dumping it over the winter, i thought i'd get the wheels powdercoated. I'm dealing with Fast by Ferracci for servicing, but they are almost 2 hours away. They said that a good mechanic could press the bearings and I'd be able to reassemble the wheels, but reading some of the posts, im not sure if that's a good idea...should i suffer through the 4 hour mecca to F by F, or is it safe to use a local (reputable) mechanic? And to clarify, the socket is a 2 3/16 12 point, correct? A 55mm from snap-on goes over a $100!.. whats the deal with having to round the nut with a dremmel..I know Im going on and on, but I know noone in my area (or anybody, for that matter) with an Agusta. P.S. I live in the Reading, Pa area. (thieves take note-haha) Thanx for reading.

-- Bullwieney (jim_dangle@comcast.net), March 23, 2004


Two Points:

1. FBF is approximately 60 miles from the West side of Reading, PA and is without a doubt well worth the drive. Usually takes me less than an hour on the PA turnpike, although this is w/o a trailer in tow... I would always err on the side of caution with service and have someone who is quite familair with the F4 do the work. In my humble opinion, the experience of an authorized dealer who works with the bikes day in and day out should not be underestimated.

2. I am within a reasonable distance of Reading and would like to get in touch with you locally. A Brutale Strada with some MVSP updates is in the works for this Spring... Please reply to the address listed if you are interested to correspond directly and/or get together as the weather is just starting to break. Please bear in mind I do not check this address daily.

-- brutale (ten_pints_of_guiness@yahoo.com), March 24, 2004.

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