Update - Bradford&Bingley - Drydens

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Just to update you all fiance received letter on Saturday from Drydens (just for a change it came on a weekend!)

They have stated that as they contacted him within 6 years then can chase for as long as they like and then put usual rubbish about filling in an I&E form (very naughty as right at the end it has a line which states that if you sign you admit to debt!!!!!)

Sending letter back, next week so it arrives at weekend, after all we do like to afford them the same courtesy, saying please refer to previous correspondence in which he has made his position regarding this alleged debt perfectly clear. Many thanks, yours sincerely - all in all a massive two lines long. If they can send the same letter so can we.

Watch this space we'll keep you posted .....

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), March 22, 2004

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