VTV4 in the USA

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We understand there is a nice size community of vietnamese immigrants in the USA. As you may know, VTV4 is a Vietnamese satellite tv channel available on satellite. It is free to air and no monthly subscription is required. An FTA satellite system is needed to receive the signal from Telstar 5 satellite. We sell these systems here: http://sadoun.com/Sat/Order/Systems.htm

If you find anyone interested in this satellite TV station, please forward this message to them. We are also looking for dealers in your area who might be interested in selling this product locally. If your group is interested in a volume purchase, we can offer you special discounts. For example the system price is $234 delivered. If you buy 3 systems or more, we could discount the price to $190 delivered each. That is a savings of $44 per system. delivery is 3-5 days after receipt of order.

Our contact information is as follows:

Sadoun Satellite Sales www.sadoun.com 888-519-9595

-- Sadoun Satellite (info@sadoun.com), March 21, 2004


Ny ng ơi..nơi ny khng phải l chỗ QUẢNG CO đu. ng về hang Pc- P m treo bảng quảng co mấy ci đi thng tin lừa bịp ấy cho hồn lo Hồ mừng nh..Chc ng đi đến nơi/về đến nh chc ng khng bị CA Trung-Quốc thộp cổ khi tới hang Pc-P..

-- (tosu_cs@yahoo.com), March 21, 2004.


LAst year in Australia, SBS has the same Vietcong propaganda Program on SBS chanel like VTV4, all Vietnamese Refugees in AU Bull-Shit the SBS and dont want to see Vietconbg propaganda

SBS stoped to air the Vietcong show :)

-- VC-Hanoi is Bullshiter :) (TrietGiaSJeduNET@aol.com), March 21, 2004.

Do you know of any other Vietnamese satellite TV channel available in the USA? This tv station (VTV4) has been popular amongst many Vietnamese Americans (specially those who don't speak English). I am sorry I don't watch the channel since I don't speak the language. I can understand your frustration if all it has is propoganda stuff.


-- Sadoun Satellite (info@sadoun.com), March 21, 2004.


I had seen 1 episode, showing the old Vietnamese farmer, she hold in her hand some of the taro roots, smiling very lovely and put those taro roots close to the camera;s lens: " For those Vietnamese over sea, I know you guys are very hungry and poor, we will send these to all of you" , she said

??????? I shocked.

Do you think we are so poorly at such have nothing to eat out here rather than in Vietnam ???

If we R so poor, then have no monies to suscribe or buy the satellite disc :)

Vietcong always do PROPAGANDA like shit ....

-- Get off .... (TrietGiaSJeduNET@aol.com), March 22, 2004.

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