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Dear Freinds, I am a Viet Nam veteran and I am very sorry about how my country betrayed you during that war. John Kerry is this country's foremost traitor and I am imploring the people of your comunity to become active in defeating him before he has a chance to do the same thing to the people of Iraq. Semper Fi, Pete Orsi

-- Peter Orsi (, March 20, 2004


TO Peter Orsi,

John Kerry proved that he doesn’t have a bold, new vision for America when he said “It's time for George Bush to start being consistent on Iraq. It's time for him to finally find the right policy for Iraq. It's time to take the targets off the backs of U.S. soldiers, reduce the burden on America’s taxpayers, and finish the job in Iraq.”

The terrorist is the enemy of today. Democratic John Kerry isn’t capable to be our commander- in -chief to defeat the organization of Osama Bin Laden’s global terrorist network.

Inconclusion peaceful tomorrow has no connection with him.

-- Saigon (, March 20, 2004.

Dear friend Peter,

I had crossed the party line twice, but not this time anymore. Don't worry about it! The current administration should maintain/modify the national security measures and world peace for all. "No pain, no gain!" 4 more years baby!

-- NamViet (, March 21, 2004.

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