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I am trying to locate information regarding Howard Chandler Christy's nude bronze "Miss America 1925." I cannot find any information regarding the piece, where it is located, pictures of it, or for that matter even a knock-off copy or reproduction. Christy was "fired" as a judge from the Pageant after unveiling this nude bronze of the winner a Miss Lamphier in 1925. He apparently later admitted that she had not posed for him saying to the effect that he had indulged in a bit of 'artistic' license in its creation. Given the scandal it produced and Christy's fame as an artist and illustrator, I find it odd that it should be so difficult finding information of this kind. Help.....itseven any reproductions of this particl

-- Richard Hartley (, March 19, 2004


Hi Richard, I too have heard this story.,and have doubts if it ever really happened the way it was reported. Christy was a very arrogant publicity hog, show boater and if a sculpture was actually shown it was most likely done by another artist(Christy was not a sculptor) as a publicity stunt. This may account for the lack of info on the actual sculpture today. Just wanted to give you my take on it. Thanks.


Larry Zimpleman

PS I am a professional painter /sculptor myself and have produced many nudes. If you want a look at my website the link is hope you get a chance to check it out.Thanks.

-- Larry Zimpleman (, October 17, 2004.

Richard, My grandmother had an antiques shop in memphis in the 50's - 80's until the time of her death. I have a SIGNED Miss America 1925 by Mr. Christy. I'll try and get picture for you. Thanks Claude

-- claude poppenheimer (, January 09, 2005.

I own a Harold Chandler Christy statue Miss America 1925 that was passed on to me by my great aunt.

I am very much interested in any information concerning its history and certainly any information concerning its value. Are there any sources for this information such as a price guide, articles, etc.?

Thank you very much.



-- Roger Ulinder (, February 21, 2005.

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